We are chained by the horror

Мы скованы ужасом

I Saw “Death Of Stalin”. Understand why it was banned. With such brutal frankness about our country we can’t handle. No usual euphemisms, excuses and prevarication. A gang of frightened villains. What a Comedy there is a satire? Shaking from fear!

And the second reason we have such a film is not removed. Simply are no such actors or writers, to not shaking habitually hamstring. When they about his shooting, not so much that it’s an unattainable level. And when we took off, so much so that it seems like it was a typical Soviet face, and the whole atmosphere as in a nightmare…

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I looked and thought: “my God, my mother lived in all of this, here lived and died are my family, these cockroaches ate them…”

Destroys the sacredness of horror. And we still this horror constrained. Broke something, first in 1954, then in the early 90s- and again sat down on his haunches, as if the corpse of Stalin, and we are in the pool sit and not dare to move.

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