U.S. police shot dead a veteran who planned to commit suicide

Полицейские в США застрелили ветерана, планировавшего совершить самоубийство 84-year-old man pointed a gun at police and was killed.

A retired military veteran who threatened to commit suicide, was shot after he sent police officers gun.

84-year-old Raymond Bishop was killed outside his home in Miami after, at least four police officers opened fire on him.

Police arrived at his home on Monday, February 12, a day after receiving a call that an unidentified male threatening to commit suicide. According to the police, the police demanded that the man drop the weapon before opening fire on him.

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The veteran went on this step due to the fact that he tried to evict from the housing sector, as it filed in court. According to the lawsuit, Bishop “illegally kept pet dogs and allow them to walk without a leash, which led to the attack on one resident of the complex.”

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Victim had two large dogs. A psychiatrist from the Medical center of veterans Affairs Miami said that dogs and other Pets had a “very favorable impact” on a man. But the case of the eviction of the man could not win, and he decided to draw attention in a different way, that resulted in his death.

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