Toshiba has introduced a unique smart glasses

Toshiba представили уникальные смарт-очки Many have been lucky to try something new and they came to mind.

Technically a headset similar to Google Glass. It can also be worn over regular or safety glasses. Also display the AR100, the apparent size of which corresponds to a 5-inch screen at a distance of 40 cm, the device has a camera of 5 MP with flash dual microphones with noise cancellation, earpiece, GPS and accelerometer.

The system has received a specialized interface that allows easy navigation through documents and functions.

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Points connects to the UMPC via a USB cable. The offline time block is 4 hours. The system is not an augmented reality device like Microsoft HoloLens. The screen displays the data in the field of view, but does not impose them on the real world.

The novelty is estimated at $1899 (Intel Core M) and is positioned as a professional solution for working in construction, manufacturing, or in other similar places, because there is a wired connection and a fairly rugged case that can withstand considerable force.

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Journalist Engadget writes that he was easily able to open the PDF document and change the zoom using the touchpad. But the management of the hardware buttons was not too comfortable. He said that the camera is quite clearly conveys the image that “others can see what you see”.

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