These unattractive animals raises many questions. Photo

Эти малопривлекательные животные вызывают много вопросов. ФотоEvolution has given us many unusual creatures.

Although people are also representatives of the animal world, only a few of us feel comfortable studying the creatures around us. Yes, some members of the “brothers” really look very intimidating, but it does not mean that they are aggressive. Well, not all of us are born handsome. Well, it happens sometimes, that really helped.

Scientists use both large and small animals for many useful research and hence, they are essential. Today we will introduce you some kinds of animals, which is quite popular in scientific circles, but for someone who is far from science, they are just ugly creatures.


Эти малопривлекательные животные вызывают много вопросов. Фото

Since, as zoologists have discovered and described these animals in 1836, it was discovered only thirty-five species of deleterow. These animals a total of more than seventy-six million years. Actually, the solenodon is a rare animal that is considered endangered, but scientists love these little “beauties”. However, if the solenodon will look simple man who is far from science, it is likely to be just nasty. It is known that the solenodon is highly toxic saliva due to which they can catch their prey.


Эти малопривлекательные животные вызывают много вопросов. Фото

It is difficult to imagine a more hideous creatures than hagfish. Their entire body is covered with mucus, and they Dodge and take terrifying forms, in order to confuse predators. Sometimes even sharks prefer to stay away from them, not withstanding all this “charm”. Surely, no one in their right mind would want to keep such a “beautiful creature” in your home aquarium.

Эти малопривлекательные животные вызывают много вопросов. Фото

However, there is one exception and this exception is “an exception” – the scientists. Scientists love mixin, because I know that we have them to thank for our existence as a species. If their ancestors survived mass extinction during the Cambrian period, we would be on the Ground there. The ancestors of these creatures were the first animals of the chordate type (that is, having the ridge). If not for these nasty creatures, it is likely that animals in the process of evolution did not develop a spine.

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Forcepfly (Gable fly)

Эти малопривлекательные животные вызывают много вопросов. Фото

These newly discovered insects with such a curious title the last few years do not go from the pages of scientific journals. His menacing nickname flies have earned, due to the unusual genitals in the form of the forceps, through which the insect looks like it’s going from minute to minute to grab a piece of your flesh. And to be serious, the discovery of a new species of these scary insects caused a furor among scientists. Why? It’s simple! Gable the fly is only the third discovered and scientifically described species, which belongs to the family of Merope. For those of us who isnt a big fan of insects to the genitals in the form of tongs, three types of such “fly-comatose” is already too much.

Purple frog

Эти малопривлекательные животные вызывают много вопросов. Фото

This weird purple frog is definitely not what you would like to touch. However, this is a very nasty creature, at first glance, actually jump even with dinosaurs. As it turned out, this “nice guy” is a real scientific sensation, which many zoologists have named the main discovery of the century. The purple frog was first discovered in the mountains of India just over a decade ago. Although discovering new species is much more common than I think many of us, this frog can be considered a real novelty, because it does not belong to any known species. This is a truly unique and one of a kind creature (but just look at her, according to the degree of ugliness with it, no one explicitly compares).

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Naked mole rat

Эти малопривлекательные животные вызывают много вопросов. Фото

Your first reaction when meeting a naked mole rat is not difficult to predict. We see you crevices and say to himself: “Faugh, what muck!”. But, even in spite of its repulsive appearance, these underground dwellers in East Africa, this stunning animals, which today are thoroughly investigated by many scientists around the world. Naked mole rat gets old very slowly. Compared to the average lifespan of other rodents, this creature is a real survivor, which could easily exceed thirty years. And yet the body of this creature is much less wear with age, than organs and human tissue.

Эти малопривлекательные животные вызывают много вопросов. Фото

It seems that this animal throughout its life retains full health of bones, nervous and reproductive system. Needless to say, thanks to these features, naked mole rats are considered extremely promising animals to study the longevity and methods of life extension. And another thing, scientists have shown that the body naked mole rat is somehow able to kill any cancer cells which makes it completely immune to this terrible disease. Who knows, maybe the most cherished a “vaccine against cancer” will give us exactly naked mole rats.

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