These products affect the potency best

Эти продукты влияют на потенцию лучше всего Physicians named the five best foods to increase libido.

The presence of the sexual desires depends on the diet. It’s about the level of certain substances in the body. There is food that increases libido and improves sex. To do this is to add products from this list.

Nuts and seeds

Flax seeds and various types of nut contain essential vitamin that increase libido. They need to add these foods to salads, snacks, and even beverages.

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Loss of sexual desire can be associated with lack of vitamins of group B. to Replenish their inventory can eating green vegetables, chicken, eggs and beef.


One oyster contains almost double the rate of zinc – about 25 mg. deficiency leads to decreased libido, so a small portion of oysters is easy to restore its deficit.

Marine fish

Fatty sea fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. They have beneficial effects on cerebral blood flow and improve mood. In addition, fatty acids are an essential part of sexual health.

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Nutmeg affects sexual desire, and the smell of cinnamon can instantly improve your mood. Adding their favorite dishes and drinks with these simple spices can improve your health and sex life.

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