These medications can cause infertility in men – scientists

Эти лекарства могут вызвать бесплодие у мужчин, - ученые Is carefully to treat antihistamine drugs.

Scientists from the Argentine Institute of biology and experimental medicine in Buenos Aires found that the drugs used to combat the symptoms of allergies, can cause a decrease in male fertility. Their study is published in the journal Reproduction.

It is noted that during the study was analyzed the scientific work of the last 40 years related to the influence of antihistamines on the health of different animals.
Experts drew attention to the fact that blocking the activity of histamine in the long run has a negative impact on testosterone production. This, as noted by the authors, may lead to changing the shape of the sperm, reducing their activity and quantity.

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Researchers okazhut the need for large-scale human studies to understand the relationship of antihistamines and fertility. They recommend not to abuse such drugs.

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