The project of the Russian underwater carrier

 Проект российского подводного авианосца The United States called the hegemony of the oceans – the status they provide the carrier strike group. System to counteract them develop all the great powers, but opposition doesn’t equal alternative to the more call. However, such a challenge can be a Russian nuclear submarine aircraft carrier. This idea is not as paradoxical as it seems at first glance.

In the Main staff of the Russian Navy on the walls hung portraits of the great Russian naval commanders. These people discovered our country areas such as cook Islands, Marshall Islands, French Polynesia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Truk, and more. Now these resorts belong to the United States, France or the British Commonwealth, and in fact could and even wanted to become part of Russia.

But Alexander I refused to accept subjects of the king of the Hawaiian Islands. Alexander II gave Alaska for a pittance. Alexander III did not want to take land in New Guinea. Russian emperors used to avoid contact with these areas for one simple reason: Russia was not and is still not really powerful Navy that could, if necessary, to block any country in the world in every corner of the globe, as Americans can do.

The experience of world wars showed that the black sea and Baltic fleet are easily blocked even cruisers or battleships and other boats. The operation in Syria has proven that without a strong Navy extremely hard to help overseas allies. However, Russia continues to build mostly frigates, corvettes, gun boat, assault boats, auxiliary vessels, i.e. ships sailing in shallow water. The output of the fleet for defensive.

To dominate the world, needs space. You need to have to battle in every sea at least one classic carrier strike group or something that could replace it. One of the most ambitious and advanced projects in this sense we can consider the idea of the underwater nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

Rodents for Uncle Sam

First about the underwater aircraft carriers were conceived in samurai Japan. In 1932 the stocks were lowered, the submarine I-2 project J-1M, which is located inside the sealed hangar for reconnaissance aircraft Caspar U-1.

Despite a series of setbacks and difficulties, related with this know-how, Japanese sailors came to the conclusion that the submarine aircraft carrier is not so absurd idea. By 1935, was built improved submarine I-6. However, the military is extremely didn’t like that the plane has to pull water with a special crane.

Before the attack on pearl Harbor Japanese naval forces have received three improved boat with a scout on Board, I-9, I-10 and I-11. It submarine I-9 was eventually launched into the sky plane, to photograph the results of the attack on the American base. On the 9th of September 1942, more advanced submarine of the project B1 struck the first blow directly on the United States: Yokosuka E14Y aircraft dropped a few incendiary bombs on a forest in Oregon, however, Americans have saved a fortune and rainy weather – a fire broke out.

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The crown of Japanese thought was the boat I-400 with a length of about 120 meters. The submarine carried 20 torpedoes and four aircraft, which were armed with two 250-pound bombs. The Japanese wanted to lose, even the U.S. special containers with rodents infected with cholera and anthrax. It did not happen. But the submarines of the I-400 were the largest submarines in the world.

At the end of the war the samurai had dozens of aircraft-carrying submarines of different classes and modifications. This submarine fleet could deliver to US shores, more than fifty aircraft with biological or chemical weapons. And then the story would have gone completely the other way.

The us military was in shock when he realized what trouble spared them a prosperous continent. And the conclusions made satisfactory.

In March 1946 in accordance with the reached agreements before Moscow demanded Soviet experts access to Japanese submarine aircraft carriers. After that, the Americans simply sank all of the Japanese submarine. This is another fateful turn of history that never happened: if the Soviet Union in those years was a samurai technology, the hegemony of the US and Britain in the oceans sooner or later would come to an end.

Germany, England and France also tried to create an underwater aircraft carriers, but further experimental samples with a small plane has not moved. After a series of failures the Europeans spit on an ambitious project and engaged in surface fleet.

Deadly Russian Fazan

Today, the Internet is actively circulated rumors that the nuclear submarine aircraft carrier creates and Russia. This message is illustrated with a picture of a huge submarine with the airfield on the back, which is preparing for the start of the modern fighters.

This project has already poured buckets of criticism was embarrassed every Kingston of a nuclear submarine. But the question is where all the information that an underwater aircraft carrier will look exactly? It is clear that Zahrebelny the airport simply does not give the submarine nor swim nor float to the surface. It is just a fantasy artist.

The airfield needs to be streamlined, under the body of the boat. Instead invented by the designer of the fighter aircraft with the runway seafarers likely to use attack drones vertical takeoff type, tailsitter, that is, aircraft designed to take off and land in a vertical position. It is known that such a device is for the Ministry of defense of Russia has already been developed, and the name of it is “Pheasant”.

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After separation from the launch pad this machine is gaining altitude, speed and then switches to a normal horizontal flight. In this “Phase” can carry on Board not only the instrument of intelligence, and shock systems. Its estimated speed of 350-400 kilometers per hour, has a range of two thousand kilometers.

Nuclear submarine can carry on Board several dozen of these machines – upright fit a lot. The same applies to ammunition for weapons, “Pheasant.”

Firing these missile silos, or starting a flock from a surface position, nuclear submarine aircraft carrier quickly departs to the place of the intended gathering. Meanwhile a swarm of drones suddenly attack American naval ships, a naval base or rushes to strike inland for 500 miles. After that, the remnants of the squad can return to the place of Assembly for the repair, maintenance and replenishment of ammunition.

The Russian military did not have to spend money on expensive training and less costly service of pilots of naval aviation. Moreover, the cost of the “Pheasant,” much less a modern fighter, and the loss of the drone by anyone will not be perceived as tragedy.

But the main advantages of the nuclear submarine aircraft carrier in its stealth, and the sudden appearance of enemy combat drones. Any us aircraft carrier group of ships similar to the graveyard orchestra, audible a mile away. While tracking the nuclear-powered submarine is almost impossible. It can appear almost anywhere at the coast of the United States and strike.

From the East to the West coast of the United States an average of about 4,500 kilometers. Two submarine aircraft carrier can attack the continent with different parties on all its depth. The fact is that there will be no place where the people of America feel safe.

If we can implement such a project, Russia will become the most powerful Maritime power.

But the classic carriers have outlived their time.

There are many cases when the training battle these ships with impunity amazed submarines of different classes. Americans successfully “drowned” by the Swedes, the Canadians, the French, the British and even the Czechs and Chileans.

According to experts, in modern warfare, any carrier will live no more than two hours, pilots flying with their floating airfield can look for emergency landing site.

And the day is near when the US carriers will not remind you about the terrible and deadly weapons, and about the elusive Joe from a joke – who needs it?

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