The photographs of the moon found the ruins of ancient cities

На фотографиях Луны нашли руины древних городов The amazing pictures were taken by a Chinese satellite.

If NASA is constantly adjusted and concealed from the wider public many of the images from the moon, the photographs sent by the Chinese satellite Chang’e, allow today to discover something remarkable.

For example the China UFO found on photos of the satellite Chang’e obviously man-made structures that just cannot be confused with the local landscape, although, of course, is not the city, and already ruins left of the once great lunar settlements. But who built them, who then destroyed – is unknown.

However, Chinese ufologists have suggested that these cities were destroyed by the Americans and in particular NASA, destroyed to conceal from the public the presence of aliens, that is, it was an alien city. This fantastic assumption is made based on the study of craters found near the ruins of a lunar city. After all, there are large craters left by meteorites clearly and smaller, which the Chinese researchers have considered the traces of the earth missiles and bombs.

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Chinese enthusiasts-ufologists hope that they Chang e satellite, launched in 2011, to reveal all the secrets and mysteries of the moon hidden to this day by NASA. If they succeed or not is hard to say, since the space Agency of China may well keep secret all the information concerning our mysterious companion.

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By the way, this satellite, according to some conspiracy theories are created artificially in order to illuminate our Land in the night (or even for some purposes, we are not particularly clear). That’s just unknown, created by an ancient more advanced civilization of our planet or is it aliens?..

На фотографиях Луны нашли руины древних городов

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