The offender does not disappear: China is testing smart glasses that calculate criminals

Нарушитель не скроется: Китай тестирует умные очки, которые вычисляют преступниковWith new data, the authorities intend to analyze the behavior of every citizen.

At a checkpoint on the outskirts of Beijing, local police this week will test a new security tool: smart glasses that can instantly capture facial features, car registration plates, and match them with the database of suspects in real time.

Glasses, developed by LLVision, scanning the faces of the passengers of the car and removed the word “blacklist” when they coincide with a Central list of offenders. According to local media, in particular, China Digital Times, run the hardware test, which coincides with the annual meeting of the Chinese Parliament in Beijing, highlights the desire of China’s leaders to use technology to improve security in the country.

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“The Chinese leadership has felt alarm at the development of Internet technologies and communication technologies,” said David Bandurski, co-founder of the China Media project and a researcher in the field of media at the University of Hong Kong. “Now they see them as absolutely necessary tools for social and political control”.

However, the Executive Director LLVision Wu FEI said that Chinese citizens do not have to worry about privacy issues because the Chinese authorities use the equipment for “noble reasons” — only to catch suspects and fugitives from justice. “We trust the government,” he added in an interview with Reuters.

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China under President XI Jinping, the emphasis on the use of technology: artificial intelligence, facial recognition and big data. For example, in February it became known that the government plans to assign a rating to every citizen of the Republic, by 2020 the country will have the so-called “social loan”. On his scale, the state will evaluate the career achievements of people, their education and income level; also the position in the ranking will influence the behavior of users on the Internet.

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