The most dangerous methods of weight loss in history

Самые опасные методы похудения в историиOn that not only were the people in order to get rid of extra pounds.

Every decade fashion changes shape. Once it was fashionable to be curvy, then the trend of slimness swept the world. In modern society increasingly began to prefer the relief press, and enlarged buttocks.

Then and now methods of losing weight and maintaining normal weight were divided into two categories – radical bordering on danger to life and health and moderate in which the person loses weight without any harm and wouldn’t risk his life for the sake of a slim figure.

The most dangerous ways to lose weight in history:

Smoking instead of eating. It is known that Smoking one or two cigarettes a few blunts hunger, but the action of nicotine is also detrimental for health and carcinogenic fats and harmful cholesterol.

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Quiet hour instead of Breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the beginning of the 20th century girls were sleeping all day and night not to eat anything extra. They were able to sleep for 2-3 days, because they have abused drugs. The result, of course, but health problems in the future they got a lot.

Replacement of vegetable and animal fats mineral oil. This oil does not have properties of absorption in the human body, but because he is not getting any fats, consequently, weight goes, and to replace him comes diarrhoea and flatulence, with all the ensuing consequences.

The diet of “worms”. This is the most horrible method resorted to the most daring women and men. They are in the intestine together with the food were the larvae of tapeworms, which tend to grow to several meters in length and eat everything that crosses your path, including the internal organs. Diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, and poisoning – and that’s not all “side” effects of this method of weight loss.

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The decoction of skins, bones, hooves, and other “garbage” the meat industry. This drink is supposed to cause an aversion to food. And it did work, that’s just more than sixty people who have tried this method of weight loss, soon died and the reason we all had the same heart attack.

Before you choose any weight loss method, all you need to think carefully about, and even better – to consult with a professional nutritionist.

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