The lifting of sanctions: US has little “return of the Crimea”

The lifting of sanctions: US has little “return of the Crimea”


Отмена санкций: США уже мало "возврата Крыма"© RIA Novosti / Sergey Maligawa



The Americans are going to “supply more energy” to weaken Russia

The Senator from Alaska Daniel Sullivan at the annual CERAWeek energy conference in Houston called the conditions under which Russia could lift the sanctions.

According to him, Moscow must stop the activity in some areas, which is contrary to the interests of Washington. He said that is referring to the situation in Ukraine and “interference” in elections in several countries.

Sullivan did not answer, RIA “Novosti” on the question whether the anti-Russian sanctions the development of American energy. He noted that the United States would “supply more energy, because it helps to weaken the activity of Russia”.

Overall nothing new, but an indirect recognition of the Senator that the US is interested to implement energy expansion worldwide and primarily on Russia’s traditional European market. And the excuse for this is, and, apparently, were calculated in advance.

From this it is easy to conclude that now is just “draining of Donbass” and even the refusal of Russia from Crimea will not become unconditional arguments for the lifting of sanctions.

— Anti-Russian sanctions of the simple constraints in a particular area has turned into a multi-step mechanism developed in the United States and now covering already and the EU, says political analyst Yevgeny Ben. They covers a large number of fields, ranging from military technologies and ending with the restrictions against private entities.

All this was started not just. Russia is not just wanted to “punish Crimea” and for its support of the Donbass republics. It is clear that this is only an occasions. U.S. losing leadership in the global world, it was necessary to weaken Russia with its Eurasian projects.

The US is strongly rooted stereotype that the Soviet Union fell in an exhausting arms race. Something similar is now trying to impose on Russia. The more that originally in the West were convinced that the weak economy of Russia for a long time in this race in terms of sanctions will not stand.

In my opinion, those who conceived sanctions, as a mechanism of strangulation of Russia has seriously miscalculated.

Was nedouchtenny at least two factors. First, just in 2014 in Russia was ready to introduce new types of weapons. He was adopted around the same time, when against us imposed the first sanctions. Meanwhile, Russia has invested and continues to invest not so much in mass production of arms, but also in the creation of new types of precision weapons.

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The second in the West, especially in Europe, have underestimated the retaliatory food embargo, which led to the strengthening of our own agriculture.

This suggests that the thinking of most officials in the US and the EU quite inert. They realize the low effectiveness of most of the sanctions, but to go back down, start talking with Russia normal and not the ultimate language.

And technically, the economy of Russia and countries of the West for almost 4 years has adapted to the new conditions. And rebuild they will be back every year increasingly difficult. We are told about the lifting of sanctions only after Russia will cease to interfere in the American elections. Although evidence for this, still no, and started in the US, the investigation will probably end in nothing, as once anything over the search for terrible weapons of Saddam Hussein. It shows that the American establishment is not very trying to lend credence to their accusations against Russia.

— That is, do not expect that this issue will occur discharge?

I do not rule out that some EU countries would gladly have abandoned the anti-Russian sanctions-or at least parts of them, as soon as the situation in the Donbass will come to some acceptable party solution. I mean, first and foremost, Hungary, Italy, whose agricultural sector has suffered greatly from the Russian retaliatory embargo.

As for the US, they from sanctions will not give up, at least until Crimea is returned to Ukraine, which is impossible as long as there is Russia.

— The farther, the more the feeling that the United States initiated the Maidan in order to put Europe with Russian gas for your American… That is, it was calculated that Russia can not intervene in the Ukrainian crisis, not to protect the Crimea, after which there were the pretext for the imposition of sanctions and the gradual transformation of Russia into a “global pariah”.

Yes, the energy factor played a role in provoking the Maidan in Kiev. However, in addition to the Americans long before the events of 2014 didn’t like Russia’s actions for the integration of post-Soviet space. I mean the EEU in the first place. In the same Kyrgyzstan, the Americans had to withdraw its military base in this strategic region between Russia and China. And, for example, Tajikistan is the territory, which is very convenient in terms of logistics in Central Asia. In General, Americans are doing everything to prevent the strengthening of Russia in the post-Soviet space. In addition, they did not like that since the beginning of the 21st century relations between Russia and the EU has improved steadily without much regard for the United States. All this is now radically changed.

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— I believe that the Americans are seriously beginning to consider the possibility of cancellation of anti-Russian sanctions only after the change of political regime in Russia, — says the Director of the Center for political studies University of FinancePavel Salin. — I mean personal departure from power of the current leader of the country. And not the fact that they cancel them. They simply begin to consider this possibility and look at the new leadership of Russia.

The Russian elite is well aware.

— It’s hard to imagine that just a change of “bad Putin” in a “democratic President” will force Americans to think about the lifting of sanctions. Probably, they will require the new President to “return the Crimea” and the list goes on…

Yes, Americans understand that under the current leadership, the course of the country will not change dramatically and it does not suit them. The clinch here one hundred percent.

— And in terms of supplies of American shale gas to Europe instead of Russian natural gas in Washington, might not want to deviate from their positions?

— I believe that the Americans are not interested in supplying its gas to Europe. They are primarily businessmen, and more expensive to sell energy in the Asia-Pacific region. And the Europeans just do not abandon the “Nord stream-2” it is because prospects are afraid to buy expensive us gas.

— However, if transit through Ukraine is blocked, and the project “Northern stream-2” is folded under US pressure, the EU simply will have no choice, and he will buy gas at “Asian prices”.

— If the choice is not Yes. But… In my opinion, the question of the supply of us gas to Europe — it is not the number one problem in Russian-American relations. Objective problem — active actions of Russia in Syria, in the area, which the Americans consider it strategically important. The problem of subjective, fictional — interference in elections. For the average American, and for the establishment the very possibility of such intervention was a shock. Because they have long felt out of reach in their territory. Now it is questioned.


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