The first ever Rolls-Royce has confirmed the name of his SUV

Первый в истории: Rolls-Royce подтвердил имя своего внедорожникаThe SUV may get the revolutionary suspension, which will make it the most comfortable car on earth.

Rolls-Royce officially revealed the name of the first crossover of the brand, which on hearing all of the few years that the company is engaged in the development of the car. The British also reported when will represent the new.

Not surprise happened: as expected, the first SUV from Rolls-Royce will be called Cullinan, in honor of the world’s largest diamond, at 3106 carats, which was found in 1905 in a mine on the slopes of a South African mountain range, the Magaliesburg. The company confirmed that it will present the car in 2018. And reschedules for a few photos of a luxury SUV, though the camouflage, but it shows on the roads, as if to imply that it is possible to leave the asphalt (although it is unlikely someone will do it).

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Test prototypes Cullinan earlier more than once came across photospin, including at the Nurburgring. Traditionally one of the most famous tracks in the world is used by manufacturers for testing and chassis tuning sports cars and models close to them. However, in the Rolls-Royce previously said that they plan to pay very close attention to the behavior of the suspension of his “Cullinan” — this, apparently, explains the emergence of the prototype of the SUV in a place where there is the highest speed. The speed of him, by the way, provides thoroughly revised modification signature V12.

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Earlier it was reported that the SUV may get some revolutionary suspension, which will make it almost the most comfortable vehicle on earth, regardless of the fact that it will be under the wheels of Cullinan.

The British, by the way, don’t call your new project “crossover”, carefully distancing himself from the status of the manufacturer of the SUV. Future new inside Rolls-Royce referred to only as “a car with a high body.”

Promised that Cullinan will become not only the most expensive but also the most luxurious and the most spacious “Rolls” when it appears on the market.

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