The Central Bank will continue “cleaning” in the banking sector

Руководство ЦБ продолжит "зачистки" в банковской сфере

The Central Bank has withdrawn licenses from three banks – the Moscow Bestinternet and Entusiasmanti and Kuban universal Bank, said the regulator.

The Bank of Russia noted that all three banks violated Federal laws regulating Bank activity, and statutory acts of the Central Bank.

Here’s how commented on the policy of the Central Bank on revocation of licenses managing partner Kirikov GroupDaniil Kirikov:

“What happened can be called a standard and widely anticipated event in the current year the license was revoked already at 80 banks. The leadership of the Central Bank does not intend to reduce the rate of “cleansing” of the industry: it directly indicates the position of the large majority of its representatives. In may, the head of Sberbank German Gref said that the recovery of the banking sector will be in the same mode at least until the end of 2017, In such circumstances, banks with poor financial performance are doomed.

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Over the last 10 months, the situation of the same “Westintertrans” deteriorated: if in January it brought its owners of 19 million rubles of profit, in October the losses of the organization amounted to more than 210 million Over the same period, return on equity fell by almost 90%, the amount of deposits of organizations and enterprises has declined by 65%, while the loan portfolio increased by 40%. In such circumstances the actions of the Central Bank was quite predictable”.

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