Strange entertainment, which was considered normal in the past. Photo

Странные развлечения, считавшиеся в прошлом нормальными. ФотоAbout time, about morals.

Our ancestors — even those entertainers, and it is not necessary to think that in the past people had to miss. And the aristocrats and the common people have always loved to have fun. Frankly, some of their entertainment was not enough humanity and in line with our perceptions of security. However, at the present time, there are people who are not especially friends with common sense, — in this you will see by looking at the bonus at the end of the article.

We will tell you about 10 the entertainment of our ancestors, many of which in modified form still exist, others are gone forever.

10. Board game

Странные развлечения, считавшиеся в прошлом нормальными. Фото

Not only do we all love the “nastolki”, the first game of this type appeared in ancient times. For example, the ancient Egyptian game Senet is one of the oldest in the world, where you use the movement of the chips on the Board. The exact rules of Senet are unknown, but, apparently, he and I played together, each for their side.

Странные развлечения, считавшиеся в прошлом нормальными. Фото

According to legend, Senet was invented by the God of knowledge the One who needed to win at the deity of the moon Khonsu few extra days in the year. But he tried not for himself but for the goddess nut, which because of the curse of the God RA was not able to have kids in any of the 360 days of the year. He won, the year is extended by 5 days, and in humans there is a new game.

9. Gladiatorial fight

Странные развлечения, считавшиеся в прошлом нормальными. Фото

There is hardly a person who has never heard of this bloody public spectacle. But few people know that among the gladiators who fought in the arena with wild animals or with each other, were not only men but also women. It is believed that they often acted as igniarius entertaining the public, rather than gladiators, who sow death.

Странные развлечения, считавшиеся в прошлом нормальными. Фото

Deadly fights were so popular that all attempts to ban them failed until, while in the year 404 a Christian monk from Asia Minor named Telemachus tried to separate the gladiators. And it cost him his life: an angry crowd attacked the peacekeepers and tore it. But the sacrifice was not in vain, inspired by the death of the monk, the Emperor Honorius forever banned gladiatorial games.

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8. Serso

Странные развлечения, считавшиеся в прошлом нормальными. Фото

Serso, or playing the hula Hoop was popular in Ancient Greece. Different variants of this game have been distributed not only in Europe but also in China, America and African countries. There were a lot of options serso, but the most common one where the Hoop throws into the air using a stick and then caught by the same stick by a player or companion in the game.

7. Pulling the stick

Странные развлечения, считавшиеся в прошлом нормальными. Фото

The game of tug of stick was popular in Europe in the XIII–XIV centuries and existed in two main versions:

1) the stick was used as a barrier between the players, the winner is the one who is able to force the enemy to pull your legs;

2) the players attempted to drag to his opponent, wins the one who managed to do it before the other. And in our time, a similar game known as Mas-wrestling is a national sport in Yakutia.

6. Sessions of phrenology

Странные развлечения, считавшиеся в прошлом нормальными. Фото

Phrenology (guessing a person’s character by the shape of his skull) along with astrology and spiritualism is considered to be pseudoscience almost since its inception. However, in the second half of the nineteenth century phrenology was very popular, which contributed to the emergence of the phrenologists-touring, which, like the fortune tellers, queues of those wishing to learn about yourself something new.

5. Carousel “Giant steps»

Странные развлечения, считавшиеся в прошлом нормальными. Фото

Entertainment, popular among the youth in pre-revolutionary Russia and the United States, was questionable from the security point of view. “Giant steps,” or pas de géant, was a pole with a spinner at the top and attached to it by hinges, which need to grab, run, whirl around the pole. The carousel, as you can see in the photo, is large, but in other cases the “steps” really was a giant, so drop them threatened with serious injury.

4. The circus freaks

Странные развлечения, считавшиеся в прошлом нормальными. Фото

The popularity of those monstrous in terms of morality and ethics of entertainment could be the envy of even the most well known shows of our time. For some reason people have brought great joy to witness the physical faults of others and taunt them. The only advantage of freak show was that the participants had the opportunity to earn good money on their shortcomings, traveling throughout the world. For example, as Julia Pastrana, which you see in this picture.

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3. Exhibition of premature babies

Странные развлечения, считавшиеся в прошлом нормальными. Фото

Strange attraction didn’t seem outrageous to parents, because he saved the lives of babies born prematurely. But what is still needed is the exhibition? The fact that at that time hospitals were not equipped with incubators (incubators) for nursing and medical institutions are not eager to acquire them.

Странные развлечения, считавшиеся в прошлом нормальными. Фото

For this reason, had to resort to less than ethical, but effective measures to promote the device. The people willingly went to see the children in glass boxes, and the proceeds went to pay nurses and modernization of the incubators. The result has saved thousands of lives, and incubators for babies appeared in every hospital.

2. Show headless women

Странные развлечения, считавшиеся в прошлом нормальными. Фото

In the late 1930s in Europe and the United States there was an unusual show featuring “living headless women”, which appeared under the names Olga, Tina and miss Yvette. The organizers assured the audience that the girls are actually deprived of the head, and the life in them is supported by special device, so they are able to move and execute commands. Of course, the heads of the ladies was in place, and the illusion of their absence created with the help of mirrors and lighting.

1. Competitions push people into a phone booth

Странные развлечения, считавшиеся в прошлом нормальными. Фото

In the 1950s the world witnessed an unusual trend: young people are literally stuffing themselves into a phone booth, trying to fit in the tight space as much as possible people. Much the same was done with the car, such as the tiny Volkswagen Beetle. It’s hard to say who and why this came to mind, the main thing is that everyone had fun.

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