Steam will release a reissue of the first three Tomb Raider

В Steam выпустят переиздания первых трех Tomb RaiderIn April Realtech VR plans to show the trailer for the remaster of Tomb Raider III.

Regiment remaster will arrive soon: Steam will have updated versions of the first three Tomb Raider where Lara wears canonical triangular chest! Moreover, the reissue will be free, but with several caveats.

The remaster does the Studio Realtech VR. To obtain reprints on Steam, you need to purchase the first three Tomb Raider — the updated version will be distributed according to the type of modifications like ZDoom for Doom 1993.

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The remaster is based on the mobile ports of the classic Tomb Raider. The game takes on a new engine built on the latest version of OpenGL. Among the graphic improvements — SSAO, Bloom effect and improved shadows, anti-aliasing, full support for modern resolutions and 60 frames per second. In addition, remaster correctly recognize Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and connect to the virtual reality helmets using OpenVR. In the settings to disable post-effects and return the original sets of textures.

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Release date is not yet known. In April Realtech VR plans to show the trailer for the remaster of Tomb Raider III.

Look at improvements in the new versions can in the commercials below. The authors note that in the first video, added the effects intentionally made catchy, the difference was more obvious.

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