Star diet: tips the slimness of Audrey Hepburn

Звездная диета: советы стройности от Одри Хепбёрн Secrets of harmony women is very simple.

At the time, the press is often accused Audrey Hepburn in anorexia and disorders of eating behavior. No wonder, because throughout his life, the actress weighed 49 kgs at growth of 170 centimeters.

The actress’s son, Luca Dotti, recalls: “Mom never dieted. Moreover, she was addicted to carbs and was loved for it’s Italian: she could not resist a plate of good pasta. Pasta with tomato sauce she was cooking every week. And he tomato sauce she loved so much that he ate it straight with a spoon from the saucepan!”

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Husband Hepburn, Robert Walters, adds: “she was reactive metabolism which is burned fat instantly. But, we also always a lot of walking. Audrey loved long walks after dinner and never overeat.

At Breakfast Audrey and Robert always ate dark bread with jam. For dinner — red meat or pasta with obously from his garden. For dinner was chicken and vegetable soup. “Besides, Audrey always eat chocolate after dinner and often had a glass of Scotch,” — says Walters.

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