So we send more troops

Пошлем еще войск

All the overseas wars are the same scenario:

1) Now we quickly help good natives to defeat the bad.
Show completely…

2) Now we send some more troops and Papuans flee!

3) it is Necessary to avenge our dead and to punish the guilty! Send more troops and certainly will show them what our power!

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4) more troops!

5) Now that we can’t exactly leave so many victims! Send more troops and dodavit!

6) This attack will be decisive and final!

7) More troops! Can’t break us, we are stronger!

8) still Time to leave, the victims are many and meaning one.

9) We go undefeated, demonstrating the strength of our arms!

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10) the organizers of the Criminal war that has cost us so many senseless victims — to the answer! It is our shame and it should not happen again!

In the case of Syria, all over exactly the question — how many more people will die there.

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