Slutsky will not give up

Слуцкого не сдадут

In the reaction of the Duma speaker Volodina on the story of the harassment of all good. And the attendant search of conspiracy, and reflex, as a reaction knees on the hammer, whataboutism — tried, hehe, RT journalist accused of harassment of John McCain, and as a logical conclusion: go to hell.

But it’s not gender bias of the same Volodin, more precisely, not only them. This is a universal protective reaction would be another reason, it would have been the same. Slutsky will not give up, because it is the only concrete rule is: absolutely unacceptable any success of any public initiative that would change the current procedure, even in small things. Can be knocked out of the state money or even to convince him to reconsider some manual. Sometimes it works to pull a man out of prison or, say, saved from the point of building a concrete yard. But you can’t make a difference — you can’t even claim that it is possible.

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As MeToo in America, the attack on Slutsk is a campaign against caste, against the law of force and status. And automatically undermine the whole social hierarchy, which can be either part of the system as Slutsk or Volodin, or none, and there are no other options.

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