“She’s just drunk”: Dmitry Tarasov publicly insulted Olga Buzova


Divorce of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov, it seems, is only gaining momentum. If until now the parties officially did not comment on their breakup, now Dmitry has already managed to publicly humiliate his still legal wife.

Problems Olga recently escaped to Spain, where he now rests along with his girlfriend. In his Instagram star is trying to publish photos in which she is depicted with a wide smile on her face. However, in reality, it seems, all is not so rosy.


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As reported Life.ru in Spain Olga spends time solely in tears! The presenter literally never part with the phone constantly talking to someone in a raised voice. Eyewitnesses claim that Buzova in Marbella prefer not to leave a five star hotel: she spends hours sitting at the bar by the pool with a glass of champagne and could not hold back tears.

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Fans in the comments under one of the posts Tarasova told him how spending time Olga. In response, the player has offended spouse! “Is she crying? I think she’s just drunk” — so expressed his attitude to what is happening Dmitry (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

Members were horrified and covered the athlete’s negative comments. Instagram now even has a new hashtag #tarsonemid. Olga Buzova itself has not commented on this behavior of his still legal wife.

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