Scientists told about little-known properties of fat

Ученые рассказали о малоизвестных свойствах сала It turns out that fat should be consumed regularly.

Many of us hear information like fat is bad for health and to get involved they should not, because it is too fatty and high in calories. Especially this myth about people who are overweight and are cores.

British nutritionists have a completely different opinion at the expense of fat. They claim that this product is mega-useful and to reject it is stupid.

The fact is that the fat is enriched with monounsaturated fats that are extremely beneficial for digestion and health of the whole human body. Therefore, professional nutritionists recommend to consume fat every day, but, of course, in small portions.

As and when there is fat that it has improved the quality of health?

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Literally 30-50 g of fat in the morning will not harm your body, but on the contrary, will bring maximum benefit. To dinner fat to get carried away and really undesirable, as the night the body should be given the opportunity to rest.

Fat you need to eat “clean”, that is the product we can buy in the store contains a lot of superfluous and useless supplements in the form of preservatives, taste enhancers, salt and other. It is best to buy fresh bacon and marinate, bake with garlic or salt house.

As for the salty bacon, it before eating better soak it in boiled water, to get rid of unnecessary salt.

Beneficial properties of fat, of which you might not know:

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– strengthens the immune system and enhances the protective functions of the body;

– warms;

– improves mood and has beneficial effects on the nervous system;

– improves the condition of skin and hair;

– prevents premature aging processes of cells and tissues of the body;

– satisfies hunger and nourishes for a long time.

By the way, the British nutritionist and author of many diets for weight loss Joe Travers and all recommends to change the oil on a fat. In his opinion, so people will get more benefit from the food than is the case with the usual addition of oil or butter in the food.

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