Scientists have explained why some people are more successful than others

Ученые рассказали, почему одни люди успешнее другихThe computer simulated a thousand employees or agents of the average level of talent.

The most successful people in most cases not more talented, smarter and workable others, they owe their position to chance, the researchers from the University of Catania (Italy).

To such conclusion scientists have come, having made a detailed computer simulation of life based on realistic models of the distribution of wealth in the world. It 10 percent of the world population owns 85 percent of all wealth, but talent, intelligence and performance in General is distributed evenly between all people.

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First, the computer modeled a thousand employees or agents of the middle level talent with a small standard deviation. Thus, none of the agents in the model have not been smarter and more hardworking than the others. Benefits they also was equally.

Then the model made a number of random events which virtual attendees can use to improve their well-being, if they’re lucky. In the end, virtual results the distribution of benefits almost repeated the real state of Affairs — 20 percent of agents took possession of 80 percent of the wealth. The simulation was repeated several times, to ascertain the strength of the results.

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