Scientists finally understand why Stonehenge was built

Ученые наконец-то поняли, для чего построен Стоунхендж Experts from “English heritage” has published its opinion.

Previously, various conspiracy theorists have claimed that Stonehenge was built by aliens, or other creatures. Scientists also believe that such a unique building was the reason of bringing people from all over the UK.

So, in a mysterious place regularly made of fun, people had the opportunity to relax and meet. To such conclusion came the experts of the “English heritage”.

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Historian Susan’s Face said that currently people are not used to make efforts to create something new, whereas before, on the contrary, all come together to show the power of community. The more effort exerted, the more power demonstrated.

The theory kind of explains the point, why the huge stone blocks were dragged over 225 kilometers from the construction site. “Blue stones” is known to be mined in the quarry South Wales. Their size was smaller than the main construction material.

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Thus, it’s time to forget the stereotype that people of ancient times avoided the difficult path of implementation of an idea.

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