Olympics 2018: the Netherlands dominated speed skating, ski victories of Norway and Sweden

Олимпиада-2018: Нидерланды доминируют в конькобежном спорте, лыжные победы Норвегии и Швеции23 in Pyeongchang for the winter Olympic games came to the end of the fourth medal of the day.

Speed skating is still ahead of athletes from the Netherlands. At a distance of 1500 meters Kjeld nays confirmed the predictions and confidently won their debut Olympic gold. Nearest rival the nays were ahead by almost a second.

The results of the final:

1. Kjeld Nays (Netherlands) – 1.44,01
2. Patrick Rest (Netherlands) – 1.44,86
3. Min Seok Kim (South Korea) – 1.44,93

Sanochnitsa Natalie geisenberger made the German fans to forget about the unexpected failure of Felix Loch. The German was in the lead throughout all four attempts and never gave reason to doubt in their victory.

The results of the final:

1. Natalie Geisenberger (Germany) – 3.05,232
2. Diane Eichberger (Germany) – 3.05,599
3. Alex Goof (Canada) – 3.05,644

22. Elena Shumova (Ukraine) +2,811
29. Olena Stetskiv Of Ukraine (Ukraine) – +8,097

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Norwegian skier Johannes Clabo rehabilitated before their fans for a bad performance in the skiathlon. In the final race of the sprint Clabo easily escaped from his pursuers and became the youngest Olympic champion in ski racing.

Final standings:

1. Johannes Clabo (Norway)
2. Federico Pellegrino (Italy)
3. Alexander Bolshunov (Russia)

Women have a landslide victory in the final sprint was won by the Swede Stina Nilsson, who has never won at the world Championships, but has amassed a large collection of gold in the world Cup. In the fight for gold Nilsson ahead of Saturday, October Majken Kaspersen Pallu.

Final standings:

1. Stina Nilsson (Sweden)
2. Majken Caspersen Falla (Norway)
3. Julia Belorukov (Russia)

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Italian short-Tracinda Arianna Fontana after five failed attempts to become Olympic champion (0-1-4) at a distance of 500 metres has won the debut gold. Fountain just 22 centimetres ahead of the Korean Min John, but later it was disqualifications that led to changes in the medal list.

The results of the final:

1. Arianna Fontana (Italy) – 42,569
2. Yara Van Kerkhof (Netherlands) – 43,256
3. Kim Boutin (Canada) – 43,881

The first set of medals in Curling went to Canada – kaitlyn Lawes and John Morris in the final of the mixed doubles with a score of 10:3 beat Switzerland Jenny Perret and Martin Rios. Bronze Olympic athletes of Russia (Anastasia Bryzgalova, Alexander krushelnitsky).

Final standings:

1. Canada
2. Switzerland
3. Olympic athletes from Russia

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