NATO will create two new command centre in Europe

НАТО создаст два новых командных центра в Европе Earlier media reported that the new command centers of NATO will be placed in Germany and the United States.

NATO approved the decision to create two new command centers in the Atlantic region.

According to the Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, NATO is modernizing the command structure to 29 member States could act as one unit – quickly and effectively.

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The first command center (Joint Force command for the Atlantic) will protect the sea lanes between Europe and North America and related critical infrastructure.

“The command will play an important role in crises and conflicts. 80% of communication networks go by sea, and we must ensure their safety at sea and under water,” – said the NATO Secretary General.

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The second command center (Support command) should ensure rapid movement of troops and equipment in Europe.

“This is a key part of our collective security,” – said Stoltenberg.

On Wednesday, the Ministers will adopt only a decision in principle on the establishment of command centers, but where they will be placed geographically, is still unknown.

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