Named five the most useful products for women’s health

Названы пять самых полезных продуктов для женского здоровьяWomen it is very important to eat foods that benefit the endocrine system and the thyroid in particular.

The female body is designed in such a way that hormonal changes pursue members of the fairer half of society life, which is why doctors strongly recommend to pay special attention to the diet, which would regulate the production of hormones, and not to lose the external attraction, emotional harmony and physical strength.

Doctors say that without these five products women can not do:

1. Cheese. This is the best source of calcium, so women should go easy on the cheese, at least 2 times a week. First, thanks to this product in the diet is prevention of osteoporosis, hypertension, kidney and liver in adulthood.

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2. Oatmeal. As you know, cereal – effectively purify the body from all the harmful and unnecessary, but also stimulate work of intestines. That’s why women have to eat this mess you need every day in order to be light, slender and have a silky hair, strong nails and clear skin.

3. Legumes. All varieties of legumes contain in their composition of phytoestrogens, which according to biochemical structure similar to female hormones, “estrogen”, this woman can support your hormones are always normal.

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4. Bananas. This fruit – a real antidepressant that can permanently saturate and improve the mood, especially since they can replace all your favorite harmful treats.

5. Carrots. The main vitamin in carrots – E, it is often called the vitamin of youth and beauty, in fact, because physicians advise women to frequently eat carrots and carrot juice.

From these products, the doctors, on the contrary, recommend that women abandon, and forever. It: alcohol, sugar, margarine, white bread and sweet pastries, fast food, for example noodles, broth “cubes” and so on.

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