Known automobile concern will miss the auto show in Detroit

Известный автомобильный концерн пропустит автосалон в ДетройтеThe decision concerns exclusively the following year.

The company Mercedes-Benz decided to skip the North American international auto show in Detroit, which is traditionally held in January.

In the Mercedes-Benz say that the schedule of a conclusion of new models and show concepts does not coincide with the dates of the show. In addition, individual activities more effective from a marketing point of view. At the same time, the Germans say that the decision does not apply to 2020.

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This year at the Detroit motor show the company in a big way introduced a new generation G-Class, the presentation was attended by the head of Daimler AG Deter Zetsche and one of the celebrities of the show was Arnold Schwarzenegger. “We do not reject participation in the salon, but only to skip next year”, — said in a letter to the organizers of the motor show. This letter fell into the hands of journalists.

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If this information is confirmed, then Mercedes-Benz will join Porsche, Volvo and several other companies that significantly reduced the participation in showrooms in favor of a separate special events on new models. According to marketers, they are more effective, because the attention of the public is not sprayed between several Ministers, and all focus on only one model.

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