Instagram lost a new popular function because of the scandal

Instagram лишился новой популярной функции из-за скандалаThe developers of Instagram have turned off the ability to use the service Gifhy.

The scandal and the accusations of racism made the Instagram developers to disable the feature that allows you to use to design pages GIF image. Cooperation with Gifhy providing this service is suspended pending an investigation.

The incident with the use of the image in GIF format with a racist content has led to the fact that the developers of Instagram have been forced to cancel service Gifhy that allows you to work with images of this format. GIF, from-for which scandal was the “death count”, allegedly arising from actions of black criminals. A large number of Instagram subscribers accused of fomenting interracial enmity and said that racism has no place in social networks.

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The developers of Instagram have turned off the ability to use the service Gifhy for the design of the pages and declared that until full confidence in the fact that such cases will not be repeated, users will not be able to place a GIF image. The ban did not cause a single reaction of approval from subscribers, many of which criticized the actions of the Instagram.

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