Instagram is testing a chronological feed

Instagram тестирует хронологическую лентуInstagram is preparing to restore the old order of display of the content.

Team service Instagram began beta-testing a chronological timeline to display publications.

The feature is tested, among other things, in Iceland.

One of the users, Gunnar Freyr (@icelandic_explorer) has published in its history, the Instagram video that shows the chronological order of the posts in his feed. This procedure was used Instagram a few years ago.

But in 2016, Instagram moved to the forming tape according to the principle of priority (what you most like and view, is at the top). It soon became clear that the way to miss something important because tape solves that you this is not so interesting.

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At the same time, the chronological tape gives a clear hierarchy in multiple images sent by the user one after the other, especially if the order is important for these images. The current algorithm not only shuffled images with different accounts, but also changed the time frame of the images sent from the same account, without logical reason.

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Chronological tape is available to a small number of users, and it is unknown whether Instagram plans to completely abandon the “smart” rankings publications.

Add, 11 Mar social network Instagram and Snapchat temporarily refused service integration Giphy after users found in the “stories” racist SFII. The representative Giphy announced that the picture was removed immediately after its detection.

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