Impressive price: props from the famous film sold at auction

Внушительная цена: реквизит из известного фильма продают на аукционеUnique scooter belonged to one person.

Looked through the filmography of the famous American actor Jim Carrey easy to pick out a few movies created position of chief comedian of Hollywood: it’s “Dumb and dumber”, “Mask” and “ACE Ventura”. Later there was “Bruce Almighty,” “Anchorman” and “Always say “Yes.” Returning to the adventures of two mentally retarded guys, Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne performed by Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, one of the main points of the story was their trip to aspen on the scooter. This particular “star” moped is now offered on online auction site eBay, where he burst into serious battles. The latter rate is currently an impressive $34 766, despite the fact that the lot is five more days left and that this rusty piece of metal even certified for use on the road.

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This copy homemade moped one of two specially created for the 1994 film. All these years, the unique scooter belonged to one person, Gordie Merrick, transport coordinator in the film “Dumb and dumber”. The second instance gave the Planet Hollywood.

Moped from “Dumb and dumber” has survived to our time in good condition and never operated outside of the film, because it is not certified for public roads. According to the owner, before selling the moped he replaced the drive pulley, throttle and brake cables, seals, carb, engine oil, air filter, spark plug and fuel hoses.

The frame of the moped was also repainted in its original red color. It is sold with helmet bag and black suitcase: same as in the film, but it’s not the original accessories. Scooter hero of Jim Carrey in 24 years has kept his trademark bushy tail, and covered with adhesive tape saddle as was in the movie.

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As to the authenticity of the scooter, according to the owner, this aspect is confirmed by the relevant paper. In addition, 10% of the proceeds from the sale of Gordie Merrick will donate a nonprofit organization for the protection of animals Best Friends Animal Society. To follow the change and place your bets on the page.

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