Facebook is testing a new feature of face recognition

Facebook тестирует новую функцию распознавания лицFunction is intended to protect against theft of personal photos.

The American company Facebook launched in the same social network in a test mode new face detection function that informs the user about the appearance in the vast service pictures with his participation.

Now Facebook users can upload pictures in the social network and for a few seconds to note them friends. Users attested on photo, get a notification.

If someone upload a photo with the user, he will receive a notification. You can also reject the mark in the photo, if the author has established, or ask him to remove the image. The hands do not have to look – go to photos directly from the notification.

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The function will prevent the creation of fake profiles. Such profiles are often used by criminals to appear not what they really are to get money and defame your reputation.

The Internet community has reacted ambiguously to the innovation of an American company. Some users doubt its relevance, whilst part of users called the new feature an excellent protection against invasion of privacy.

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The company also warned that over time will introduce new features based on automatic recognition. “We want people without fear uploaded their photos to Facebook, and we can start to use face recognition technology to tell people that someone downloaded their photos and uses it as his avatar. We do this to stop using someone else’s identity on Facebook”.

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