Essential patented running through the display chamber

Essential запатентовала работающую через дисплей камеруThe patent describes a multi-layered display with a camera.

The Essential smartphone manufacturer has filed a patent for a smartphone camera, which can be placed under the screen.

This will allow the company, which was organized by the Creator of Android Andy Rubin, to produce a completely frameless smartphone.

The patent describes a multi-layered display cell in which “substantially transparent area allows light from outside to reach the camera to record images.” The patent indicates a potential location where the camera is mounted behind the LCD display. The images accompanying the message, the camera is positioned in his usual place at the top.

A corresponding patent (No. 9843736) us patent office granted the company a ruby on 12 December 2017. Another patent describes “electronic display irregular shapes, including cardboard, inside of which can be set to the sensor. The methods of manufacturing allow you to create the void at any time during the manufacturing process. The resulting electronic display occupies a full side of the mobile device and sensors placed inside and surrounded by display”.

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Both of the patent include a fun little addition, where the camera is positioned directly behind the camera icon. Clicking the icon activates the camera. However, you probably don’t want to put the camera in your finger from clicking the camera icon.

The registration of patents does not mean that the company necessarily will use them in the new smartphones. For example, Essential has a patent on the system, which hides the camera in a slide-out compartment at the top of the device.

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Essential company founded by Andy Rubin, Creator of Android. In 2017, the company released Essential PH-1, the first smartphone with an almost edge-to-edge screen and a cutout at the top for the front camera. Later, a similar “eyebrow” appeared in the iPhone X.

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