Don’t call nurses

Не зовите санитарок

The phrase “you are pretending to pay us, we pretend to work” becomes relevant again thanks to “the may decrees” Putin.

I saw the news: ten cleaners city hospital in Krasnoturinsk has filed a lawsuit against the management of health facilities. They had previously held the positions of nurses, but the budget is in the hospital apparently did not converged. Here the authorities and lowered the nurses to the cleaners, saving them former duties. Wages women lost about half.
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Actually, it takes a long time and practically in all budgetary areas. In my district a Moscow clinic this “optimization” is visible to the naked eye, however, there went the other way. In a few years radically changed the personnel, and now most of the doctors are immigrants from the CIS, who struggle to Express themselves in Russian. I want to believe they are not the bad professionals, but to patients it is equally important to understand what they doctor says. But surely such footage is easy, the authorities are unlikely to start an open letter to write or complain to the Prosecutor on low wages.

Recently, an acquaintance of the capital Institute, a member of the RAS, said that the scientific staff there transferred even part-time, and 0.3 bets. And scientists obliged “voluntarily” to write applications with the request to transfer. As if to say personally that the President promised wages (not below the regional average) is too high for them, and they are the same work for a third of the required amount will. Troubled units really don’t know what their protest is over. I suspect the administration proposed, as the speaker of the state Duma of the female reporters: “I do Not like? Change your job!” Universal this advice. We have in the country two on all occasions. Second: “don’t like? Go to the court.” Here Krasnotur nurses-cleaners went there. If you come back with a win will be a sensation. Because the Prosecutor’s office of violations in the actions of the hospital administration not found.

No one even admits that thus formally executed the “may decrees” of the President. And given the recent President’s address in the style “but we do missiles” one can hardly expect anything principally new in this field and after the elections.

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The question of how to motivate employee, lowering wages, is of course, rhetorical. The phrase hails from the Soviet Union, “you pretend that they pay us, we pretend to work” comes back to life. In a country with a strong market economy nurses would not have gone to the cleaners, and in another clinic. Self-respecting scientists statements are not about “voluntary” waiver of two thirds of the salary would, and the employment in another institution, where more valued human capital. But our market was not very developed, and is now again rapidly deflates — state becomes more and more.

In the end, “may decrees” came into irreconcilable contradiction not only with the size of the regional budgets, but with the entire economic system in which there is almost no competition. That allows leaders with impunity to be rude to subordinates: where they go from a submarine, a family to feed…

The question is, what are you in it for years to fence all this Russian fake, which employed millions of state — support and hope mode? Not to disappoint the President? Humane, of course the goal, but, to put it mildly, strange. Yes, not the main one, I think. I would venture to suggest that the direct beneficiaries of these most unrealistic of the “may decrees” were not so much leaders, how many heads of universities, theatres, museums and hospitals, transferring the nurses to the cleaners, and doctors to nurses, a nod to the decrees of the President, but hardly anyone takes to the cleaners or at least part-time for himself and his many deputies.

Bills with the income of heads of budgetary institutions from time to time to get into social media, hitting people with the number of zeros. In a province talk, even there is such a shift method: in order to encourage physicians from the center sent doctors to the district hospital that they for two to three years was up a bit. Bought a car, accumulated on the flat and back to their health facility. With great gratitude for the trip, and not only moral.

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Of course, there are instances when a school, a hospital or Museum is headed by a man with a conscience and principles that do not allow him to write a big prize when subordinates salary is not enough for food. But so is life in Russia that honest and conscientious (they are often inconvenient for the bosses) to be long as such positions do not stay

True cursing the greed of the heads of state corporations, receiving in the day as much as the same doctor or the teacher will not get in a lifetime, the majority of heads of budgetary institutions, from rural clinic to a major Metropolitan University — behave exactly the same. Of course, within the allocated budget. The logic of “if they can, why can not we” applies to the whole country. Raking, while you can. What will happen tomorrow nobody knows, so it is necessary to tear the here and now. With gratitude looking into the eyes of the higher authorities, which allows it to do.

Recently colleagues have begun to argue, why during the President’s address, no one in the audience not only protested the plans of the further militarization of the economy, but even though not frowned anxiously. Why is the person the audience was so serene-enthusiastic? I venture to guess that most of those who applauded shows cartoons, just not for a moment believe that promise will come true. Because they themselves are — with zero responsibility for the words and sorry for the country. But I understand how in the muddy water of impracticable decrees and projects find their material interest.

The problem is that on cleaners nursing aides will not be reduced. And absolutely no salaries of scientists, even if they are also transferred to the cleaners, can not work: they need something to eat and rent to pay. Therefore, the method itself will soon run out. And then run “may decrees”?

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