Doctors told one is dangerous weight loss

Врачи рассказали, для кого опасно похудение The study was conducted by Norwegian scientists.

It is believed that the weight loss brings health benefit. But judging by the results of a new study scientists from Norway, it is not. In particular, the experts concluded: with heart disease the weight loss does not help to improve people’s health.

Received the Norwegian medical information, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. The findings of scientists are based on the results of observation of more than 3 thousand patients with heart disease.

Summary according to researchers, weight loss does not improve the condition and helps prolong the life of people with coronary heart disease (CHD). But the increase in physical activity, regardless of whether it leads to weight reduction or not, really reduces the risk of death for these patients, and greatly.

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The observation of scientists for patients with coronary artery disease covered the 16-year period. During this time, it was 1 493 deaths. Half of them (55%) was the result of cardiac pathology.

After analyzing these cases, the experts made a conclusion which will surprise many: “weight gain is not associated with increased mortality”.

According to the authors, the main core is not weight loss and regular physical activity. At least a little.

Researchers found that the risk of mortality in the patients observed by them was reduced even at a fairly low level of physical activity. Those subjects who performed light exercise for 150 minutes a week, the risk of death was reduced by 19%, which we have not seen in physically inactive patients. If the level of physical activity was more significant, the risk of death was reduced by 36%.

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In turn, weight loss was associated with increase this risk by as much as 30% — though for those patients who to the beginning of the study so were normal weight.

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