Do the Russians want war?

Хотят ли русские войны?

Before we continue to dokatyvaetsya wave of reaction to the message of Putin to the Federal Assembly. For example, the analyst Ekaterina Shulman, associate Professor of the Institute of social Sciences of Ranepa, on air of “echo of Moscow” gave a start to discussions about how militarized the Russian society. There she quoted a survey of “Levada-Center”:
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“Now at last we have the result: 56 for a high standard of living and a 42 – of a great power. That is, assume that the citizens of Russia militaristic frenzy right here are is a mistake. I have a strong suspicion that just as a number of other matters of public interest, there is a very big difference between the values and attitudes of the administrative elite of our highest political class and the population as a whole.


Here, for example, in the perceived reality of these threats – presence of Russia surrounded by enemies, and priority of military power over all other matters in this too, we are not a United elite and society. There is always a difference between elites and citizens, the elite always live in his little world.

But if you are a democracy, you have a drive belt that you attached to reality, will be more. And if not, then you have a tendency to withdraw into their beautiful world, where unlike the General population where we have, as we know, the average voter is a woman of 39, the average statesman on the top steps of our hierarchical pyramid – it will be a male over the age of 60, and it’s different generations, different people and different views of the world.”

No, what the elite “live a little in your world” – this is understandable. And Bulk this tells us, once a month, and they regularly give out witty statements.

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But a big mistake to think that the bulk of the population, for whatever reason, may not share the ideology that engendered the elite. Do you seriously think that “militaristic fervor” does not exist? Or just the phrase too harsh?

If you are 18 years will tell from the TV that Russia is in the “ring of Anaconda”, sooner or later you’ll believe it. If every “negative” (from the point of view of many administrations) the news will use dozens of paid commentators to distort the facts, to form a “positive agenda”, sooner or later you will begin to think that all the problems Russia is solely to blame insidious West. And that to keep it can only the Russian rockets.

You start to wear the shirt “do Not tell my Iskander”. Will glue on the car stickers “To Berlin!” and “Can you repeat that!”. Will go to rock festivals, where the organizers bring the tanks and armored personnel carriers – although, it would seem that this music grew out of pacifist roots.

I recently saw the driver of the van was shown on a tablet video about the rocket “Zircon” his friend. From their dialogue, I realized that she works as a teacher in the local school. The minibus was German, the tablet was Chinese, but the driver of this, of course, did not think. And the teacher only nodded in agreement.

Another big mistake is to think that people see a direct link between the “greatness of power” (that is, in this case unnecessarily high spending on defense at the expense of other articles of the budget expenditures) and a decline in living standards. No, I do not see. People don’t like poor hospitals, poor food, poor education and broken roads. But the second and especially the third step to complete the logical chain, they don’t want to do. If the correlation of the militarization of Russia and the deterioration of the quality of life for people is obvious, we still have a year in 2008 would be replaced by mode.

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No one would have welcomed the sanctions, did not press cheese bulldozers, not Ssali boiling water after each presentation from the Ministry of defence and would not justify the death of the Russians in Syria.

Here it is in the fact that the notorious “militaristic frenzy” is not only a joy about rockets of a new type. The government is constantly afraid of the people “dashing 90-e”. But dashing 90-e 2.0 has long been with us, we live in them. Just look at the news.

I’m not just talking about wars on roads, fights in the queues and murder on home soil. When Serebryakov said that Russia’s national idea – it is the arrogance and rudeness, and he answered 20 public figures blatantly rude – it is also the consequences of militarization.

The question is not even how to pull the elite down to earth, and how to limit their desire to educate people in the spirit of hostility to the world and to each other.

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