Chocolate diet for the lazy: minus 1 kg per day

Шоколадная диета для ленивых: минус 1 кг в сутки Nutritionists have suggested eating chocolate while efficiently drop those extra pounds.

Chocolate diet belongs to the category of fast methods for significant weight loss, but you shouldn’t use it, because the chocolate can not replace all the essential healthy minerals and vitamins.

To lose weight on the chocolate diet can even the lazy are lazy because they do not need to do anything special and the weight will go steadily two pounds per day, but it is only in the case if you strictly follow the rules of the diet:

– you can eat just 100 grams of dark chocolate a day;

– must be at least 3 meals, that is 30-35 grams of chocolate at a time;

– a portion of chocolate to have a Cup of organic coffee without sugar;

– drink per day several cups of unsweetened green tea and 2-3 litres of water, but separately from the main meals.

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What caused this is the effect chocolate diet?

Nutritionists say that chocolate diet allows you to reset to 1 kg per day and this is because people will not use salt and sugar, and the main part of its diet will be drinks – water, coffee and green tea. For anybody not a secret that salt and sugar delay fluid in the body and thereby slow down the metabolism.

Plus, the daily caloric intake chocolate diet barely reaches 600-650 kcal. As we know, in 100 g of the dark chocolate bar 510-520 kcal in one Cup of coffee – 2 calories in 100 ml green tea – 3-5 kcal. This ensures that the caloric deficit that will somehow lead to a dramatic weight loss.

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Not to mention the fact that coffee and chocolate speed up metabolism and stimulate the bowels, green tea burns fat cells, and the water cleanses the body from all the excess. This is due to the sharp weight loss on chocolate diet.

Effect chocolate diet you will be pleasantly surprised, but that doesn’t mean to sit on it for several weeks. Nutritionists or allow a 7-day diet for dark chocolate or one fasting day in the same way, but no more. If excess weight you have more than 5-10 kg, then the chocolate diet can be a great “first step” or a push on the way to a slim body but to lose weight it a few months or weeks – not safe for health and life.

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