China is developing a reusable space ship

Китай разрабатывает многоразовый космический корабль It is planned to use new ship for different projects.

The Chinese company, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation is developing a spacecraft reusable. The design of the complex is planned to be built from “aircraft-donor” and spaceplane.

It is assumed that the unmanned rocket will send the spacecraft. After that the device will detach from the rocket and will be able to start the power plant. After the mission the ship will return to planet Earth.

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Including it is possible to send people and cargo into orbit. Another design you can use the Shuttle for launching satellites and resupplying the stations orbit. In addition to these functions, the space Shuttle will be able to act as a warship, because there will be equipped with all the necessary devices to detect the enemy and attack it.

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Experts say that China does not have the necessary equipment to build such a powerful vehicle. It requires a suitable engine and missile system.

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