Beware of TV doctors told why men may not watch much TV

Осторожно, телевизор: медики рассказали, почему мужчинам нельзя много смотреть ТВThe reason is not connected with the seat, as some may think.

The staff of the International Agency for research on cancer reviewed the statistics and explained the consequences for men watching TV lasting more than four hours a day.

According to scientists, lovers of the “blue screen” at risk of acquiring cancer. Men performing in front of the TV a lot of time, sick with colon cancer at 36% more than more than two representatives of a strong half of mankind. The reason for this is called bad habits. Men when watching interesting programs a lot of smoke, like to drink beer and other alcoholic beverages. This is not conducive to health promotion.

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According to scientists, women who spend a lot of time in front of the TV, do not develop colon cancer more often than the more active ladies. This is because ladies are less prone to bad habits. Men with sedentary lifestyle, smoke or drink alcohol, it is devastating for their health and leads to premature death.

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