Began to sink: it became known about serious problems with the Crimean bridge

Начал проседать: стало известно о серьезных проблемах с Крымским мостомThe main reason for the total weight of the train design.

Just a week ago in the article “Kerch bridge is another step towards the collapse made” I wrote why glad to establish railway spans on the Kerch bridge. And the main reason is called the total weight of railway construction in 17 400 tons, which will put additional pressure on the supports that will entail is them sagging and subsequent problems.

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And here, it hasn’t even been six months, and, again, only a week and the first signal of problems on the mountain-the bridge has already begun.

The network is now gaining popularity photos taken at the site of “the Mound – Fairway” in the area of the Kerch Peninsula, which clearly shows that the metal spans of the bridge are different in height by 1 meter and length 2 meters.

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As they say – the first sign! Of course, the photo quality is poor and with full confidence to speak about the incident, still not worth it. However, that this effect expected by those who are sensible, and not in a rush schizophrenic jingoism, talked about the future of this design as the Kerch bridge in those conditions, which he built.

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