Astronomers find potentially habitable planet near the Sun

Астрономы нашли потенциально обитаемую планету неподалеку от СолнцаMost similar to our planet three heavenly bodies in the constellation Taurus .

Astronomers from Japan found potentially inhabited by living organisms “sister of Earth” near the Sun. This planet to be in the “zone of life”, therefore, it can be oceans, oxygen and its atmosphere.

Japanese astronomers say that our planet is the so-called “sister-double”, that is, a planet with a similar atmosphere. Due to stay in the area where it may form the life and acceptable conditions of existence, the planet is referred to the number of potentially populated.

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To explore this issue was launched by an orbital telescope “Kelper”, which was found more than four thousand planets outside our Solar system, among them tens can be “sisters” of our planet, since they are in the same “area of life”, which is to be Ground.

Most similar to our planet three heavenly bodies in the constellation of Taurus in the system K2-155, located 200 light-years from our system. Says a scientist from Japan, definitively confirm or refute the theory of the Earth “twins” will be possible after the launch of the telescope TESS at the end of 2018.

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