All for the sake of competition: Microsoft will start supporting mods on Xbox Live

Все ради конкуренции: Microsoft запустит поддержку модов в Xbox LiveThe company is trying to compete with others.

It seems that Microsoft wants to compete with Steam Workshop. According to open vacancies the Corporation is looking for someone who will help add official support for game mods in the Xbox Live service.

Microsoft requires a senior programme Manager who will shape the idea and implements a new set of tools for game developers to allow them to easily integrate modding into their projects with the aim of expanding creative community.

“You want to work with a group of passionate, fun people over the disclosure of creativity of game developers and the community? Xbox Live is the leading gaming network that covers console, PC and mobile games, and is Central to Microsoft strategy game; it provides social functions clubs, including Xbox Live, achievements, leaderboards, play centres and community centres, activity feed and much more. Xbox Live has an exemplary future because expanding for the sake of a large number of scenarios, where users and creators interact with each other, says jobs. — The Xbox team is looking for you to make the game support mods in Xbox Live. You will have the unique opportunity to create and bring to market a new set of services and tools that allow game developers to easily incorporate fashion into their projects and communities of passionate fans to create and share stunning and attractive content while preserving all of the offensive things.”

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While Microsoft has not even officially made a statement that wants to make a full supporting mods in Xbox Live. It is also not clear whether the program for games on Windows in the Microsoft Store, where one of the drawbacks of the store is the lack of mods, or the Corporation intends to apply it to Xbox One. The console system has long been asking the full support of the creations of the community at the moment, fashion is only available in a limited number of games, including Fallout 4, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 17. Maybe this feature will tell at the June E3 2018.

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