About the secret program of the US army, which formed the basis of the “Very strange Affairs”

О секретной программе армии США, лёгшей в основу "Очень странных дел"

People, by nature, very curious. We never miss the chance to be let in on some secret, and use it successfully in Hollywood. The government contacts with aliens, secret societies, conspiracy – like conspiracy theories has become a source of inspiration for writers, successfully monetizing our curiosity.

In the last eighteen years one of the most striking examples of this monetization was the TV series “Very strange things». Its events devoted to a failed experiment conducted by the military in a secret laboratory. Scientists have opened a portal to another dimension, and in a provincial American town struck a series of mystical occurrences.
Despite the fantastic nature of the plot, he’s not so out of touch of reality, as it may seem. The fact that a few decades ago the US government really studied teleportation, telekinesis and time travel. So, at least according to the researchers of those events.
The program, called “Project “Montauk””, and was the starting point when creating «Very strange Affairs“. What is involved in the military?
О секретной программе армии США, лёгшей в основу "Очень странных дел"
View of the Montauk Air Force base; now preserved
The laboratory began its work presumably in the ‘60s on long island (near new York), on site or in the vicinity of the town of Montauk. Officially the military was engaged in the study of unusual properties of electromagnetic fields. According to unofficial information, which eventually became a hit in the media and reach the General public, the US government pursued a more daring experiments.
О секретной программе армии США, лёгшей в основу "Очень странных дел"О секретной программе армии США, лёгшей в основу "Очень странных дел"
Preserved underground bunkers airbase Montauk
One of the conspiracy theories says that scientists have developed there psychotropic weapons and methods of conducting psychological warfare. More speculations point to the involvement of military from Montauk to even more exotic things. For example, the search for ways of time travel, teleportation and contact with aliens, and even participate in «Lunar conspiracy“.
О секретной программе армии США, лёгшей в основу "Очень странных дел"
The “Montauk” is associated with the hoax moon landing
Sounds very interesting description of the alleged experiment, dubbed «The all-seeing eye (Seeing Eye)”. In the hand of the test subject put a lock of human hair (or other object closely connected to them), so the test was an opportunity to see and hear everything I saw and heard the owner of the lock. Technology «The all-seeing eye“very similar to the tests which the laboratory has been Eleventh – the main heroine of the series «Very strange things“.
О секретной программе армии США, лёгшей в основу "Очень странных дел"
The researchers claim that in Montauk experimented on children
There is one in a series of experiments «The “Montauk”“a hint of the appearance Demogorgon – predatory creatures, released from a parallel reality after the experiment with the Eleventh. According to statements of researchers of the Project, during the experience over the sailor, who was in a trance, from his subconscious into the territory of the military base almost hit an unknown creature.
О секретной программе армии США, лёгшей в основу "Очень странных дел"
The eleventh and Demogorgon. Still from the TV series Netflix
Of course, all this is a bare theory and almost speculation.
No actual evidence is described there and they hardly ever appear. And perhaps the only detailed source of information about the Project remains a series of books Preston Nichols and Peter Moon.Nichols according to his own statement , he himself was a member of the Project, and his memories tried to suppress, but, like the hero Schwarzenegger’s he remembered and described their experiences in four books.
О секретной программе армии США, лёгшей в основу "Очень странных дел"
Artwork novels PR.Nichols, is devoted to Experiment, “Montauk»
His submission «The “Montauk”“became one of the most popular U.S. conspiracy theories, in favor of which continue to work the silent witnesses of those events. For example, still in the city Park of the town of Montauk is a huge radar. According to official information it was installed as part of the air defense system of the city of new York. According to unofficial – it was used in the described experiments. Proponents of the theory cite an indirect confirmation of this opinion, stating that Montecchi radar, unlike other radars of the same series, though it is considered debited, but still not dismantled and is for deaf high fence.
О секретной программе армии США, лёгшей в основу "Очень странных дел"
Abandoned radar AN/FPS-35 in the town of Montauk, long island
Legend came out too bright, and in the 2015th year, the broadcast giant Netflixannounced the development of the television series, the official synopsis which was:
«The events unfolding in 1980 in Montauk, long island, where it disappears without a trace, boy. While searching for answers, his friends, family and the local police are embroiled in the mysterious secrets associated with top secret government experiments, terrible supernatural powers and a very strange girl“.

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О секретной программе армии США, лёгшей в основу "Очень странных дел"

A year from this very brief description and there was an extremely successful series that has captivated both critics and audiences. However, the reason for the success of the series was not so much the underlying addictive conspiracy theory how many love letter to the era of the ’80s with their music, movies and fashion.

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